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Dealing with Bad Breath on Your Own Terms

Bad breath is embarrassing, there's no way around it. This can end up leading some of us to ignore the problem.

Reasons for Jaw Pain & Preventing it Before it Starts

Seattle TMJ Treatment | TMJ Treatment Seattle | Jaw Pain Seattle

Kids' Cavities Impact School Performance

Tooth decay is the #1 cause of...

Is New Research Saying You Can Skip Flossing?

You might have heard some chatter lately about changing guidelines for flossing. Here’s what happened.

Why Some Parents are Skipping the Tooth Fairy & Saving Baby Teeth

Sounds like the tooth fairy might be out of a job. Some parents are now choosing to keep their children’s baby teeth. While this might sound like a standard parental…

Let Our Patients' Gorgeous Smiles Inspire You

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing the power of a smile. But there’s nothing like seeing a dramatic dental transformation for yourself to understand exactly how…

Celebrity Smile Secrets - How to Get a Hollywood Grin

Movie stars have that something special about them – a certain air, a twinkle in the eye, and a pretty face. But while their smiles are always stunning, they’re not…

10 Tips to Eat Healthy at Work

We know how tough it can be to find time for yourself during the workday – even to eat your lunch. Many of us skip the midday meal entirely. This…

A Safe Approach to Botox & Fillers

Cosmetic injections continue to grow in popularity – but are they right for your skin? If you’ve been interested in making gentle improvements to facial lines, they could be the…

What Your Smile Says - Before You Even Speak

Do you know how others see you? This is a big question to tackle, and it’s always tricky to take an objective look at your personal presentation.