Seattle Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s incredibly rare to be born with a smile that brings us total satisfaction. A combination of genetics, chance, and oral changes during infancy and childhood make for a smile that may not represent us the way we’d like it to. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to manipulate that smile and transform it to one that does embody your true self.

Seattle Cosmetic Dentists

Our smiles are the way we interact with the world – strangers, coworkers, superiors, friends, and loved ones. A beautiful smile will make you feel confident in your appearance and abilities, and will change the way you live your life. Our cosmetic dental work will be uniquely suited to your face and your needs. It won’t look like a cookie-cutter false smile, but like a gorgeous representation of your self.

Porcelain Veneers

Interested in altering the appearance of one or more teeth? Dental veneers could provide the reshaping, brightening, and strengthening you crave. Porcelain veneers are thin shells than bond to the front of your teeth. Made of durable but beautiful porcelain, these veneers are thin as a contact lens.

Though dainty in size, veneers accomplish big things. They can drastically improve the appearance of

  • Stained teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Asymmetrical teeth
  • Worn teeth

…and can be bonded to your front teeth as a full set to create an entirely new smile. The Okamura team custom-designs veneers based on client needs, desires, and personality. You will experience fabulous results after only two appointments.

Cosmetic Recontouring

We like to describe cosmetic recontouring as receiving a smile manicure. By gently and minimally changing the shape or angle of your existing teeth, Dr. Okamura dramatically enhances your smile’s appearance. If you have no major aesthetic concerns but are hoping for the final icing on the cake to really show off your smile, cosmetic recontouring could be just right.

Seattle Restorative Dentistry

Accidents and the passing of time can leave your smile looking less vibrant than you’d like. When life alters your pearly whites, the Okamura team takes over. You will feel more confident and attractive than you have since your teeth experienced wear and tear.

We provide only the most natural looking restorations. No matter the dental work we do, it will be tailored to you and restore your smile. We won’t create a smile that feels or looks foreign to you, but recreate your own beautiful, youthful smile. Natural restorations are our specialty, and Dr. Okamura’s skill makes them become a true part of your smile. Between the restorations’ organic appearance and perfect fit, you will forget you have had any restorative dental work done.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns recreate missing tooth structure for individual teeth. A crown, also referred to as a cap, fits over natural tooth to restore what it lacks. Crowns may be fabricated to any specifications. When paired with dental implants, dental crowns can recreate an entire tooth’s structure. Dr. Okamura uses dental crowns in a variety of restorative cases, and they could rejuvenate your smile just as you have hoped.

Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Okamura and team strive you provide you with age-appropriate youthfulness. Free yourself of the mental image of dentures in a glass on the bedside table, and replace it with the image of your younger-looking smile.

Modern dentures are natural, comfortable, and simple to wear. Contemporary technology and materials allow us to create dentures that betray nothing, and only create a beautiful smile. Your new dentures will fit perfectly and will not slip, click, or otherwise annoy. Their coloring will match your own to look like a true part of you.

Has your smile suffered? Revive it with restorative dentistry from Dr. Okamura and our skilled team. Get in touch with our office to discuss changes you’d like to make to your teeth.