Seattle Laser Periodontal Therapy

We fight daily to keep our teeth whole and cavity-free. But there’s another area of our mouth that can fall prey to neglect. Gum health is as crucial as dental health, and our gums are just as prone to infection. Periodontal disease, an immune system response triggered by bacterial infection, can be tricky to combat. Brushing twice daily, flossing, and completing dental exams twice a year helps many keep gum disease at bay, but it for others, these precautions don’t suffice.

Periodontal disease left alone can wreak widespread havoc on your teeth and gums, and even lead to tooth loss. Once the damage is done to your gums, it can be difficult to recreate those soft tissues. With gum disease, the best measure is quick, successful eradication of infection.

Seattle Laser Periodontal Treatment

In the past, dentistry’s standard of care for treating early stages of gum disease consisted of a procedure called scaling and root planing. Scaling and planing non-surgically remove both hard and soft deposits on tooth root surfaces. This removal of plaque and bacteria stops many patients’ gum disease from progressing. But we’re not content with a procedure that only helps “many” of our patients. We have searched for a way to treat periodontal disease with more reliable outcomes, especially for patients with complex cases.

Dentists have found the answer in laser periodontal treatment. Lasers kill bacteria and infection with minimal invasion. Their incredibly narrow beams, tissue-specific wavelengths, and accuracy make for ideal periodontal treatment. Lasers’ numerous benefits over standard scaling and root planing include

  • Significant decrease in the number of bacteria without the use of antibiotics
  • Strong immune system response to therapy
  • Superior healing of periodontal tissues
  • Less likely need for future surgical intervention
  • Minimal bleeding during and post-therapy
  • Enhanced patient comfort during and post-therapy

Our dental hygienist, Kim, has been certified to perform laser therapy since 2016. She has seen firsthand the advantages of laser therapy in treatment of gum disease. Our team is proud to offer this soothing, effective alternative to standard periodontal therapy. We welcome patients with any level of periodontal disease and promise efficient, comfortable results. Don’t wait any longer to pursue treatment – call us today.