Seattle Dental Sedation By Dr. Okamura

Dental anxiety is a common thread among patients. For some, a visit to the dentist can be stressful and even frightening. If you struggle with dental fear, you are not alone. We cater to our patients’ comfort and will ensure that your treatment is relaxing.

The aid of dental sedation makes dental treatment possible for anxious patients. If you struggle to schedule a dental appointment or undergo dental work, we will converse with you pre-treatment to determine your ideal anesthesia plan. No matter your level of fear, we will help you feel better about future dental care with a combination of proper anesthesia, open communication, and an overall positive experience in our office.

Varieties Of Dental Anesthesia For Your Comfort

Depending on your level of dental anxiety, it’s possible that you may need different forms of anesthesia. Dr. Okamura will discuss these in-depth with you to decide on the best course of action. We will not perform your dental work until you are comfortable with the process.

Nitrous Oxide – More commonly known as “laughing gas,” this inhalant produces effects of calm euphoria. Patients breathe nitrous oxide and oxygen throughout the course of treatment to calm their nerves. Although nitrous oxide is not a painkiller, it will induce a state from within which you are ready for dental treatment.

Oral Sedation – This form of sedation is taken in the form of a pill, and creates similar effects to those of nitrous. You will feel wholly relaxed, and may not even remember the whole of your dental treatment. But you will be fully conscious throughout, and able to communicate with your dentist.

Local Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is used during the majority of dental procedures that affect tooth or gum structure. A painkiller injected at the work site numbs the area and prevents the patient from feeling discomfort. Local anesthesia may be used in combination with nitrous or oral sedation to make your appointment completely painless.

General Anesthesia – General anesthesia is a more extreme option for patients highly nervous about dental treatment. During general anesthesia, the patient will be completely unconscious. This form of sedation has some risk attached, as well as a longer recovery period.

Seattle Dental Sedation By Dr. Okamura

Do not avoid your appointments and dental care! Discuss sedation with us so you can understand both the pros and cons of its use. We will find a solution to make sure you can relax and receive the care you need. Call our office if you have any question about forms of anesthesia available at our practice.