Cosmetic & General Dentistry Procedures in Seattle

Now Offering In-Office Dental Coverage!

As one of the top dentists in the Seattle area, Dr. Kim Okamura consistently seeks ways to improve her expertise so her patients receive the most up-to-date and technologically sound treatment possible.

Her friendly approachability and the relaxing atmosphere of the office complement her expertise.

Dr. Okamura has completed her Master’s Program in Oral Implantology
and now offers her patients a variety of restorative options for
permanent restorations in addition to bridges, and removable prosthetics
including dentures and partials. Implants are a very viable alternative
that results in natural and long-lasting dental treatment.

As always, Dr. Okamura excels in precision aesthetic dentistry which
includes all-porcelain crowns and custom fabricated veneers. She also is
a Preferred Provider of Invisalign — the clear choice for teeth
straightening. Invisalign, the clear tray aligner system, has helped to
straighten, reduce crowding and close gaps for more than one million
smiles world-wide.

Seattle General Dentist Kim Okamura on Staying Healthy

Tooth decay is a rising dental condition brought about by the
introduction of new medication and long-term use of various medications,
our diets and certain foods. This combination and certain types of
bacteria in the mouth create an environment that results in tooth decay.
With the CariFree system, many of Dr. Okamura’s patients have been able
to neutralize this oral condition and the damaging effects of tooth
decay. Cavities beware!

Our Seattle Dentistry Services

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry – Dr. Kim Okamura offers several cosmetic dental procedures to make sure that you are happy and confident with your smile. Some of our procedure include porcelain veneers for one or multiple teeth, dental crowns, and a number of other dental work.

Teeth Whitening – Improve the appearance of your smile with teeth whitening from Dr. Kim Okamura. Teeth whitening is a fast and simple way to instantly improve your smile. We offer several different procedures to cater to every type of patient.

Dental Implants – If you’re missing teeth, or are looking for an alternative to replacement teeth, Our Seattle Dentistry offers dental implants. This procedure is a safe and secure long term method for tooth replacement.