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Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays (Our Best Tips And Tricks!)

Neglecting to clean your Invisalign aligners is not something you should do. If not cleaned properly and often, your aligners will begin to develop stains. Stains and discoloration will make…

These Tips Will Get Your Children Loving The Dentist’s Office

Getting your children to love going to the dentist can be incredibly difficult, and many children feel stressed when the time comes for their bi-annual cleanings and exams. Help your…

5 Things To Ask Your Dentist Before Dental Sedation

For anyone who suffers from dental anxiety, low pain tolerance, extreme sensitivity or movement disorders, going to the dentist can be extremely difficult. More and more patients who suffer from…

Warning! Skip These Sugar-Filled Easter Basket Treats To Avoid Cavities

Easter activities are just around the corner. Will the Easter bunny be making a stop by your house with goodie baskets for the kids? Perhaps it’s a good time to…
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6 Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation With Invisalign

Do you have any upcoming vacations on your calendar? Lucky you! While traveling and seeing new places is fun and exciting, it can also be more challenging if you’re a…
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I Haven’t Been to the Dentist in Years. What Should I Expect?

When life gets hectic, many adults put off routine dental appointments, and that can come back to haunt you down the road. If it has been longer than you’d like…
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Making Your Mouth Extra Kissable This Valentine’s Day

Dreaming of candy hearts, romantic love songs, and a perfect first kiss this Valentine’s Day? Before cozying up to the one you love, make sure your mouth is in excellent…
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Your Ear Ache May Be a Sign of a Dental Issue

An earache can be quite painful at times, and the immediate assumption is that the pain is the result of some problem within the ears. Interestingly, that ear pain you…

Dental Terminology: What Your Dentist is Really Saying

After getting your teeth cleaned and polished by a dental hygienist, the dentist will come in to examine your teeth. To many patients, it is hard to follow along with…

Does Using a Straw Really Prevent Cavities?

The latest mini-trend among those who are conscious about their oral health is to always use a straw when consuming highly sugary, dark-colored, or acidic drinks. However, does using a…

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