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6 Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation With Invisalign

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Do you have any upcoming vacations on your calendar? Lucky you! While traveling and seeing new places is fun and exciting, it can also be more challenging if you’re a patient that is new to Invisalign. Whether you’re hitting the open road, or heading to the airport, do it confidently with these 6 tips to enjoying your vacation with Invisalign.

Pack the Essentials

You’ve likely packed a dental essentials kit before during previous travels. The good news is that it’s likely your existing travel kit already has almost everything you need to care for your Invisalign while away. Be sure to include these essential travel items for maintaining your oral health:

  • Travel Toothbrush – We recommend you pack multiple toothbrushes in convenient places such as your suitcase, a carry-on, and in a handbag, so you are always able to clean your teeth after eating and drinking before replacing your aligners.
  • Floss – Being able to thoroughly clean between your teeth once a day is a travel necessity.
  • Mouthwash – Rinsing is a great way to clear away any debris that your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Extra Aligners – If you are planning on traveling for a few weeks, there is a good chance that you will need to change your aligners while you’re away. Keep the new set of aligners in a safe place.

Keep Up Your Routine

Vacation is a great time to relax and leave your responsibilities behind at home, but this doesn’t apply to taking great care of your teeth. Continue to brush at least twice a day, and floss at night before bed to keep your smile healthy.

One of the significant benefits of Invisalign is that it allows patients to eat and drink whatever they want when aligners are removed. That being said, it’s easy to neglect the mandatory 22 hours of wear if you’re sipping piña coladas on a beach all day. Make sure to set a timer for your eating and drinking, so you don’t fall behind on your progress.

Bring Extra Aligners

We recommend bringing an extra set of aligners just in case, so you have something to keep your teeth on track for the time being. If you do lose an aligner, don’t panic. Just call or email Dr. Okamura to let us know what happened so we can get you back on track as soon as you return.

Make Sure the Tap Water is Safe

Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to be careful about the water supply you’re using to brush your teeth. If you are not unable to drink the water from the tap, it’s also not recommended that you brush with it or use it to rinse. When in doubt, only use bottled water on your toothbrush to avoid getting sick from the local water supply. Invisalign requires you to brush after everything you eat, so always be sure to have a bottle of safe water on hand.

Let Us Know Before You Go

Schedule a pre-vacation appointment with Dr. Kim Okamura DDS before you leave. A last checkup can ensure your treatment plan will stay on track while you are away. We can also discuss making any adjustments to upcoming appointments if you have extended travel plans.

Having Invisalign while on a big trip in no way means that you can’t have a fantastic vacation. By caring for your teeth in the same way as you would when at home, you can prevent mishaps and ensure that your treatment plan stays on track.

Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Okamura if you have any questions or need any help during your trip!


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