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These Tips Will Get Your Children Loving The Dentist's Office

Getting your children to love going to the dentist can be incredibly difficult, and many children feel stressed when the time comes for their bi-annual cleanings and exams. Help your…

Why Water Should Be the Only Drink You Sip

What is your beverage of choice to keep you going throughout your workday?

When to Avoid Home Toothache Remedies

If you’ve ever woken up to a toothache, you’ve probably also found yourself on the internet searching for a miracle home remedy to ease your discomfort until your dentist can…

Think You Might Have a TMJ Disorder? Try This Test

If you’ve been suffering from facial discomfort and tense jaw pain that’s affecting your daily life, it could be your body’s way of telling you you’re one of the millions…

Try These Tooth-Healthy Holiday Treats for Your Kids

The end of the year is full of holiday celebrations, and usually it’s full of delicious food and treats too. If the fear of sending your kids into a sugar-induced…

Help! How Do I Choose a Mouthwash?

Feel like your oral hygiene could use an extra boost? Whether you’re looking for an extra clean feeling in between brushings, trying to improve your cavity prevention, or hoping to…

Preventing Gum Disease Could Lower These Big Health Risks

You don’t want to deal with gum disease. Periodontal treatment can be stressful - and you’ll need to follow up with a concerted effort to improve your oral hygiene and…

How (And Why) You Should Stop Biting Your Nails

Find your hand creeping toward your mouth when you're stressed out or bored? Nail-biting is a problem for people of all ages - and it could be wreaking havoc on…

The Ugly Truth about Dental Anxiety

You know that dental anxiety fills your dental exams with uncertainty and even fear. That’s bad enough - but what about the bigger ramifications it could have on your health?

Top Mistakes Parents Make with Their Kids' Teeth

The last thing you want to do is harm your child in any way. But with all the constantly changing recommendations for what’s best for kids’ dental health, how can…