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Making Your Mouth Extra Kissable This Valentine’s Day

Dreaming of candy hearts, romantic love songs, and a perfect first kiss this Valentine’s Day? Before cozying up to the one you love, make sure your mouth is in excellent…

Does Using a Straw Really Prevent Cavities?

The latest mini-trend among those who are conscious about their oral health is to always use a straw when consuming highly sugary, dark-colored, or acidic drinks. However, does using a…

3 Effective Gummy Smile Treatments

You read that correctly – that gummy smile you’ve been self conscious about for so many years can be corrected without having to go under the knife!

Tips for Safe Teeth Whitening at Home

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve likely seen posts about how to get beautiful white teeth at home – all with common household ingredients!

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