Countless dental patients hope to whiten their teeth at one point or another in their lives. Whether in preparation for a special event during which they want to look their best, or on a regular basis to provide an ongoing smile boost, whitening is a common desire. But whitening isn’t always comfortable or effective for every patient. Those with sensitive teeth or deeply stained teeth can find teeth whitening doesn’t provide the results they were hoping for, or experience discomfort during treatment. Our Seattle team just isn’t happy with these limitations, so we offer whitening treatment that’s worth it. The Kor Whitening system whitens teeth deeply while desensitizing, allowing even patients who haven’t found success with whitening in the past to see stellar results.

How Does Kor Whitening Work?

The Kor system is a little bit different from many other types of professional teeth whitening. Rather than receiving whitening in the dental chair, you’ll actually use the Kor whitening system at home.

  • You’ll visit Dr. Okamura to have custom whitening trays made for your teeth.
  • Once ready, we’ll provide you with your trays and Kor whitening solution.
  • You will wear the whitening trays while sleeping, allowing the gel to take full effect over the course of several nights.
  • After two weeks of home wear, you’ll visit our Seattle office for one final visit, so that we may confirm your results.
  • You’ll need to undergo home whitening touch-ups every so often, but will enjoy Kor’s results for decades to come.

Kor whitening stimulates a tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen, allowing it to pervade a tooth and break up staining molecules. Moreover, the specialized trays create a seal around your teeth, keeping whitening gel inside and saliva outside. This prevents saliva from affecting the consistency of whitening results, and the gel from entering your mouth. And as Kor whitening causes little to no sensitivity, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully as your teeth whiten to an impressive shade.

Experience Teeth Whitening That Really Works

Intrigued by Kor whitening? We’re pretty amazed as well! Get in touch with our office to learn more about whitening treatment with Dr. Kim Okamura.

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