The answer to the question in our post's title may seem pretty simple. "Uh... for whiter teeth?" And whiter teeth are the most obvious benefit of teeth whitening, but far from the only change whitening will bring into your life. Teeth whitening offers not just physical but also emotional and social advantages for patients who decide to take the whitening plunge. Below, our Seattle dentist explains just how patients feel after they whiten.

What Our Patients Love About Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening directly creates a bright new smile, there are accompanying boosts that many patients don’t expect.

  • Teeth whitening is so effective that many patients find they don’t need others cosmetic dental work. Even if a patient had been considering getting other procedures done, some smiles benefit so greatly from whitening that they need no further work.
  • Teeth whitening improves self confidence. With whiter teeth, you feel that you are putting your best self forward. You’re comfortable with your smile, and eager to show it off. This all combines to enhance your self confidence (and your interactions).
  • Teeth whitening makes patients more social. You will flash your whitened smile eagerly, coming across as a friendly and sociable person. Even naturally shy people have found themselves more talkative and comfortable being the center of attention after brightening their smiles.
  • Teeth whitening improves professional performance. With a boost in self confidence and heightened friendliness, your performance at work will change. You’ll feel ready to speak up and take charge.

Overall, teeth whitening makes you feel great to be you. And with the simplicity and affordability of whitening treatment, everyone can experience that boost in esteem. To learn more about whitening, check out our cosmetic dentistry page. Give us a call or schedule online to set your whitening appointment!

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Dr. Kim Okamura

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