You don’t want to deal with gum disease. Periodontal treatment can be stressful - and you’ll need to follow up with a concerted effort to improve your oral hygiene and adapt your lifestyle and habits. Plus, gum disease is more likely to return once you’ve already experienced it - so you could be on the run from disease for years to come.

And gum disease’s impact doesn’t necessarily stop at your gumline. While no definitive studies have been released, more and more research is suggesting that gum disease could impact other serious health conditions. Now is the time to take another look at your periodontal health - and this first step is setting up your next exam. The early signs of gingivitis aren’t always noticeable at home, and it takes an expert eye to spot a problem.

Another benefit of scheduling regular exams? The mouth-body connection doesn’t just flow in one direction - other health conditions can also exhibit early symptoms in your mouth. Your dentist might actually be the first provider to identify a larger condition, helping you pursue treatment before the problem has advanced.

We’ve put together an infographic to lay out some additional mouth-body facts - check it out below, and keep scrolling for some additional disease-prevention tips.

Health Conditions with Oral Symptoms


The Best Way to Prevent Periodontal Disease… to stop it before it starts. How is this possible? It’s all about the first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis. This is the inflammation of the gums, and it occurs when your gums are first irritated by plaque buildup.

The scary thing about gingivitis is that it can progress to gum disease. But the great thing about gingivitis is that improved oral hygiene can actually stop it in its tracks. If you boost your brushing and flossing at the onset, you may never need to even get professional help.

But how can you know if you have gingivitis? The symptoms can be extremely subtle - so that’s why routine exams are so important. Take the stress of identifying disease off your shoulders and let your dentist step in and help.

Been longer than six months since your last exam? Now is the perfect time to schedule. Prevent disease and get the comfort of knowing that you’re healthy - both mouth and body.

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