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The Ugly Truth about Dental Anxiety

You know that dental anxiety fills your dental exams with uncertainty and even fear. That’s bad enough - but what about the bigger ramifications it could have on your health?

Top Mistakes Parents Make with Their Kids' Teeth

The last thing you want to do is harm your child in any way. But with all the constantly changing recommendations for what’s best for kids’ dental health, how can…

Keep Your Kids' Teeth Safe This Summer

While Seattle summer might take a little longer to show up, it’s still on the way! With school almost out, you’re planning your family’s summer schedule and getting your kids’…

Can Marijuana Use Increase Gum Disease Risk?

Concerned about your oral health as a cannabis user? Let us know your questions at your next exam. There’s no judgement here, only help! Schedule your appointment today.

Choosing Safe Teething Tablets For Your Baby

With how stressful teething can be, it’s understandable that patients turn to soothing products that will help their infant feel more comfortable. But some of these products come with a…

Is Your Toothache Actually a Cold?

If you’re feeling an ache in your jaw, you’re probably worried that decay has taken hold. But it’s important to remember the mouth-body connection. If you’ve been feeling congested or…

How Long Does Botox Typically Last?

Botox is an exceptional solution for restoring youth to your face. It’s an effective, relatively safe, non-invasive medical procedure that can remove the different types of wrinkles that result in…

How Neuromuscular Dentistry Rebuilds Worn Teeth (Photos)

When we consider dental problems, worn teeth aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind. But so many of the more obvious issues (yellow teeth, sensitivity, unhealthy bite, jaw…
Tooth human implant, 3d illustration

Understanding the Dental Implant Procedure

Are you curious about the dental implant procedure? Dental implants are a great way to restore the look and function of your mouth when you suffer multiple seriously damaged, missing…

5 Ways to Tell if You Have Dry Mouth

Feel like you need to constantly wet your whistle? Drinking water is always a positive thing, but when you’re constantly grabbing your water bottle because your mouth feels dry, that’s…