Botox can be done safely and yield natural-looking results: and that’s what you deserve

Cosmetic injections continue to grow in popularity – but are they right for your skin? If you’ve been interested in making gentle improvements to facial lines, they could be the perfect step. But you might be holding back out of concerns over injection safety, and we understand – with the number of rumors (not to mention full-on myths) about Botox and dermal fillers circulating on the internet, it’s hard to feel confident about treatment. Fortunately, safe injections are always a possibility – you just need to find the right office.

“Safe” refers to your personal well-being, certainly; but it also involves the kind of results that come out of your treatment. Nobody seeks out Botox because they want to make their faces look frozen or unnatural. And yet, some patients walk out of their provider’s office with eerily unlined skin and a difficulty expressing their emotions physically. Safe treatment is not only risk-free for your health, but also ideal for your personal goals. Your skin will be smoother, but will still look natural, and you’ll be in control of your expressions.

How do you find this happy medium between unnoticeable changes and a dramatic transformation? With the right Botox or dermal fillers provider. Read on to learn more about what you should look for from your treatment, and get in touch to find answers to your injection-related questions.

What to Look for In Your Botox Treatment


If you’re interested in injections but weighed down by safety-related questions, we hope that you can find some answers below. As with anything, there’s a safe way to get injections and also an unsafe way. By being an informed consumer, you can ensure that your treatment falls into the former camp.

  • An experienced provider – When administered properly, Botox is completely safe and predictable. It has been used medically since the 1980’s and has treated many different cosmetic and muscle-related concerns. But unless you’re receiving it from a skilled provider, you can’t be confident that it will have the intended effects. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Okamura has thorough experience with the facial structure and can anticipate exactly how Botox will impact your skin and facial expressions.
  • Thorough consultation – It’s key that your provider understand exactly what you’re hoping to gain from treatment, right down to the specific wrinkles that are bothering you. That way, injections will yield your desired results, and you’ll love the way you look. Dr. Okamura will also examine your skin while you make different facial expressions, so that she can see the way your skin responds to muscle movements before injecting.
  • Personally-oriented treatment – Make sure your treatment is suited to your needs. Dr. Okamura will choose the number and location of injections that corresponds with your unique facial lines.
  • NEVER go to a Botox party – Botox is and will always be a medical procedure, no matter how accessible it becomes. Make sure you receive it from a qualified provider in an office setting.

What to Expect after Cosmetic Injections

  • Keep an eye out for side effects – You might experience mild redness or swelling, but this shouldn’t last long (more than a few hours). But if you notice other side effects, you should contact your provider right away. Botox typically has no downtime and you should be able to return to your regular activities quickly after treatment.
  • You’ll see results in the first 1-2 days, but those aren’t final – Many patients see instant results, but it’s important to note that these will grow in the following weeks. Your full results should be in place by the 4th week after treatment. Make sure to wait until then before pursuing additional treatment! Over-Botoxing is what leads to that frozen-faced look.

If you’ve ever uncertain before, during, or after receiving cosmetic injections, speak up – we want to help you feel comfortable and confident. Get in touch today!

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