We know how tough it can be to find time for yourself during the workday – even to eat your lunch. Many of us skip the midday meal entirely. This only leads to an energy crash and fatigue throughout the afternoon. And, more likely than not, we then end up overeating at dinner time. Instead of eating a nutritious lunch, we tend to grab energy drinks, granola bars, or other sugar bombs. These only sustain us for brief periods and wreak absolute havoc on our teeth. By taking a little extra time to plan ahead, you can prep your eating for your day at the office or at school and end up feeling better overall.

Eating healthy impacts every part of your body – including your smile. Everything you consume passes through your mouth, and certain options will have a negative impact on your enamel (and often on the rest of you). Starchy or sugary snacks will erode your teeth and prompt the beginnings of decay, which fresh fruits and vegetables will help scrub away bacteria, and milk, yogurt, and cheese neutralize acids. It’s up to you which ones you choose.

Check out our tips for smart office eating below, and get in touch if you ever have questions about improving your tooth-healthy diet.

Eating Better While Working

  • Skip office treats – It’s always tempting to partake when there’s a treat brought in for the team. This is such a common occurrence in the UK that it’s actually been termed “cake culture.” Since these shared foods are usually on the sweet and fatty side, they end up making you feel frustrated for straying from your healthy eating plan, and they don’t fill you up for long. Try to take only a small portion or abstain entirely, or bring around fruit or another healthy alternative instead of doughnuts or muffins.

  • Pack your own lunch (and snacks) – Packing your lunch doesn’t need to take longer than 10 minutes, and it will keep you feeling good throughout the day. Set aside a little time each evening for you and your family members to make lunches together, and you’ll all benefit! Bring fruit, vegetables, nuts, or yogurt to give you a little boost when you get hungry in the afternoon.
  • Make water your drink of choice – Put aside the soda and coffee and hydrate! It’s better for your smile and your body – you’ll notice yourself feeling better as you keep with it.
  • Learn more about hidden sugar – Countless common foods and snacks are laden with sugar, and you often won’t know it. Check the nutritional facts for what you consume the most to be sure you’re aware.

  • Avoid stress eating or emotional eating – It can be tempting to turn to snacking when you’re bored or stressed out at your desk, but this isn’t good for your body and it won’t really help you feel any better.
  • Ask management for healthier alternatives – If your vending machines are packed with candy, and your workplace cafeteria filled with greasy, starchy lunches, it’s near-impossible to find something that leaves you feeling good. Ask those in charge if they can offer something more nutrition-oriented.

  • Keep occasional sweets out of the open – Keeping candy at the office is fine – but put it in a desk drawer instead of leaving on top where it tempts you.
  • Try to eat lunch away from your desk – Taking a little break from sitting not only energizes you but boosts your metabolism for better digestion.
  • Squeeze in non-eating breaks during the day – If you take a quick walk around the office when you’re feeling low-energy instead of grabbing a sugary snack, you’ll feel back to normal by the time you’re back at your desk.
  • Eat with a coworker – Sharing a meal helps you eat responsibly and also breaks up a monotonous workday.
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