Bad breath is embarrassing, there's no way around it. This can end up leading some of us to ignore the problem. But the sooner you deal with breath issues, the sooner you gain the benefits. Dragon breath is much more than just a cosmetic concern. There are real effects that can take place on your relationships, your job and even your self-esteem, all stemming from stinky breath. And when you take your oral health into concern, getting your breath figured out should be your top priority.

We've put together a simple graphic to help guide you through bad breath diagnosis and treatment at home. Remember, there's a big difference between occasional bad breath and chronic halitosis. If you suspect that you fall into the latter camp, get in touch so that we can offer professional help. The action you take today could help reduce the treatment time ahead. When there's something like a cavity or gum disease at hand, early detection is always best.

How To Stop Bad Breath


Taking control of your oral health

Whether it's curbing bad breath or addressing a cavity, being in charge of your mouth means feeling comfortable and at ease. There's nothing like the knowledge that you're cavity-free and on a healthy track. If you're ready to get peace of mind, schedule your next dental exam today.  It's never too early to get on the calendar - scheduling early actually means that you'll have plenty of slots to choose from. And don't ever feel ashamed of bad breath; if you're nervous about the way yours is smelling, we’re here to help.

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