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Plan Out Your Family's Dental Schedule

As it so often does, fall has rolled around quicker than expected. With the colder weather, falling leaves, and jackets comes the start of school – and your family’s changing…

Achieve "Perfect" Oral Hygiene

You’re tired of getting cavities and having them filled. You want your smile to stay bright, healthy, and beautiful – in the long term.

How to Love Visiting the Dentist

Dental anxiety is a serious problem – 9-15% of American adults report putting off treatment out of a fear of the office, and the real number is probably far higher.

"Do I Need to Straighten my Teeth?"

Of course, only you can answer this post’s question. But sometimes it’s tricky knowing where to begin. You know how you feel about your teeth, and whether you have a…
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Living with Tooth Sensitivity

Do you avoid popsicles, ice cream, and frozen fruit? Use a straw when drinking hot or cold liquids? Find yourself in pain at even the thought of a dental exam?…

Time for Some Tooth Protection?

We tend to take our teeth for granted. After all, they’re always with us, and they do a pretty good job accomplishing what we need done. Sometimes we even imagine…

How to Care for Your Gums & Keep them Healthy

Last time you noticed your smile, you were probably paying attention to your teeth. But what about the structures that make your entire smile possible?

Your Invisalign Checklist

Invisalign patients value simplicity and convenience – that’s a big part of why they chose Invisalign. We’re here to help make every part of the process smooth and patient-friendly. Dr.…