Your teeth should make you feel good – not feel pain. But for patients with tooth sensitivity, daily life can mean ongoing twinges, stabs, and aches. Whether you’re trying to drink coffee, or eat an ice cream cone, daily activities take on a dark twinge. It’s time to put that discomfort to a stop, and get you back to normal.

We’ve talked about improving tooth sensitivity in the past, but Dr. Kim and our staff are always finding new ways to boost patient comfort. We’re thrilled to offer Vanish XT to our patients, to help reduce sensitivity and transform their experience. Read on to learn more about handling sensitive teeth, and the role this product can play in your life.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity


Your teeth are composed of several layers. The outermost is the enamel. This is the hardest substance in the human body, and it protects the more vulnerable portions of your teeth within.

Unfortunately, enamel isn’t indestructible. When your teeth are exposed to unnatural forces, that enamel begins to wear away. This can happen gradually, so it’s hard to notice – but the final effects are sometimes serious. Not only will you experience shorter-looking teeth and receding gums, but sensitivity to hot and cold. The tooth roots are sensitive areas, and when they’re exposed, you’ll experience discomfort throughout daily life.

Common reasons behind this enamel thinning and root exposure include:

  • Bruxism – Chronic teeth grinding leads to enamel erosion. When your teeth grind against each other, they wear themselves away. If you suspect you might be grinding your teeth (if you’re waking up with sore teeth, tired jaws, and headaches), get in touch to learn more about a custom mouth guard.

  • Drinking acidic liquids – Acidic foods and drinks change the pH within the mouth. This erodes the enamel layer, weakening your teeth. If you have a habit of drinking too much coffee, orange juice, or soda, you may see your enamel thinning over time. Rinsing with water after consuming these dangerous drinks (or using a straw) will help protect your teeth.

  • Gum disease – Periodontal disease infects the gum line, and can cause your periodontal tissues to pull away from your teeth. If you notice signs of puffiness, redness, or bleeding, let us know right away.

Enamel Strengthening with Vanish XT

This extended varnish is painted over tooth root surfaces that have become exposed. It stays in place, protecting the tooth and minimizing sensitivity. Vanish XT actually releases fluoride on a continual basis for up to six months after treatment, helping remineralize thin enamel and protect your entire smile – while reducing your twinges and daily discomfort. If you use fluoride toothpaste throughout this period, this also helps recharge the Vanish and lengthen its effects.

The Vanish XT coat provides greater benefits than traditional in-office fluoride treatments. If you’ve been struggling with hypersensitivity, it could be an ideal choice for your teeth. When you’ve tried other treatment options and haven’t seen success, it’s time to try something new. Changing the amount of sensitivity you experience each day will improve even minor activities. Depending on the intensity of your pain, you may have forgotten what daily life without sensitivity is like. You’ll see a reduction in discomfort leaving you feeling less irritable, better able to enjoy hot and cold foods or drinks, and generally feeling happier with life.

Because Vanish XT strengthens your enamel layer, it’s typically covered by dental insurance. Ask us if you’d like us to check on your coverage and see whether it might be right for your sensitivity.

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