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Skipping Swollen Taste Buds

Your taste buds enable you to identify all the different tastes from sweet to sour. In total, you have roughly 10,000 taste buds that line your tongue, and each taste…

Make Your New Year's Resolution a Cavity-Free Year

If you spent most of 2017 with ongoing dental issues, you’re probably pretty motivated to make sure you’re heading into the new year with a healthy smile that you can…

How to Care For Aging Teeth

We all age in different ways – and our teeth are no different. As the years pass, our pearly whites need slightly different types of care, and there are new…

Should I Use an Electric Toothbrush?

Your toothbrush is on its last legs – the bristles are splayed side to side, and the blue indicator stripe has all but disappeared. So do you just grab another…

Dealing with Bad Breath on Your Own Terms

Bad breath is embarrassing, there's no way around it. This can end up leading some of us to ignore the problem.

Why Some Parents are Skipping the Tooth Fairy & Saving Baby Teeth

Sounds like the tooth fairy might be out of a job. Some parents are now choosing to keep their children’s baby teeth. While this might sound like a standard parental…

Dr. Okamura Establishes a Teaching Tradition

When you love what you do, you naturally want to help others find a similar path. Dr. Kim Okamura has gained such joy from her career that she’s now mentoring…

Science Says: Smiling Actually Does Improve Your Mood

There are plenty of clichés about the smile. But do some of them actually hold a kernel of truth? From childhood,

Your Tooth-Healthy Holiday Season

Chocolate is actually better for your teeth than stickier options! Try to make it your first choice for holiday candy

The Perils of Pacifiers

Unfortunately, it’s a scary world that we live in, and parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their kids safe. But when it comes to your child’s…