Dental insurance happens to all of us - for better or for worse. We all have ongoing dental needs, and insurance helps us afford the kind of long-term care that leads to a beautiful, enduring smile and excellent whole body health. Problem is, figuring out the insurance process is a certain nightmare. No matter your coverage, there are countless hoops to leap through, and the final benefits may not fit what your teeth actually need.

What if you could skip the painful process, and end up with coverage that actually makes sense for your mouth? Dr. Kim Okamura and her team have found a way to transform your insurance experience. We offer in-office coverage so that you can find the plan that will truly work for you. Our staff will help you determine the plan that meets your unique needs, and it's as simple as that. Once you've chosen coverage, your teeth will be protected for the next year - and potentially for more than just basic preventive care.

Our Lynnwood-adjacent dentist is conveniently located in North Seattle, for patients across the region. If you've been looking for an provider that has your present (and future) health in mind, we'd love to tell you more. Read on for plan details, and get in touch to explore your options.

Done Dealing with Dental Insurance?

Figuring out your health insurance is stressful enough. Adding on dental insurance is often so frustrating that many patients give up entirely. Some plans don't have it as an easily-added option, and others require you to find another dental insurance provider entirely. Life is complicated enough without multiple insurance plans. That's why we're giving you an out.

Lynnwood Dentist on In-Office Wellness Plans

Our carefully tailored insurance plans offer the kind of care that will fit your teeth and gums, rather than offer the vague benefits of most types of coverage. The plans you can pursue with Dr. Kim Okamura include:

  • Bronze Level - For our current patients, this plan offers an alternative to private dental coverage. If you're interested in covering your preventive care, this plan makes sense: it provides coverage for one year's cleanings, exams, x-rays, and fluoride treatments.

  • Silver Level - If you've have periodontal disease in the past, then you know that keeping it at bay is an ongoing battle. Many insurance plans don't cover scaling and root planing, but this plan offers both monitoring and some periodontal treatment. We make it simple to keep an eye out for recurring problems.

  • Gold Level - New patient looking for an insurance option? This plan covers a year's worth of cleanings, exams, x-rays, and fluoride treatments.

Dental Insurance that Fits Your Own Teeth

Of course, we also accept outside dental insurance. If you're interested in financing plans for cosmetic or restorative work, we'll help you find ways to make your treatment affordable.

Dental exams need to be a part of your life - no matter your financial, personal, or work situations. We understand that life can get in the way of preventive healthcare. It's the reason why so many people see the appropriate exam intervals slip past them. In-office insurance is just one way we make it easier for you to get into the office. Dr. Okamura also offers dental sedation for patients struggling with dental anxiety. If you've spent any amount of time feeling nervous about dental treatment, sedation could be the right bet. Once you've built up some positive experiences in the dental chair, you'll feel better about the future of your oral care.

Looking for a new dental insurance plan? We'd love to save you the headache and offer you something satisfying and uncomplicated. Get in touch with our Lynnwood dentist to learn more.

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