Do you suspect your gums are ailing (red, bleeding, inflamed, or receding), or have you experienced periodontal disease in the past? Our Seattle dentist urges you to schedule an appointment to have your gums checked out. If it’s been years since you’ve had periodontal treatment for periodontal disease, our contemporary dental tools may surprise you. Rather than relying on traditional scaling and root planing tools, we now offer laser periodontal therapy. Laser therapy offers key advantages for our patients, but there are still a few ongoing habits to keep in mind post-treatment. This week’s blog post discusses laser periodontal therapy and your life after therapy to help you establish the healthiest possible habits for your teeth and gums.

Why We Choose Laser Periodontal Treatment for our Patients

Laser perio treatmentis effective, comfortable, and tissue-specific. It attacks disease while preserving healthy tissue. Lasers allow us to delve deep below the gum line without causing patients as much discomfort as a deep scaling and planing can. You will likely require less anesthesia and have a faster recovery time, thanks to lasers’ narrow beams and self-cauterizing nature.

While laser periodontal treatment has many advantages, there are still things to remember about your life after periodontal treatment.

  • Maintain regular appointments. Our Seattle dentist will discuss your personal periodontal treatment schedule with you, and it’s vital that you stick to it. We need to monitor your gums closely and keep an eye out for signs of returning disease.
  • Remember that you are in recovery mode. There is always a possibility of periodontal disease returning. You will need to be thorough in your oral hygiene and remain in close contact with your dentist.
  • Dental cleanings will be more thorough. We will need to ensure there is no plaque gathering below the gum line at your cleanings.
  • You may need gum grafts in the future. If your periodontal disease takes a toll on your smile, gum grafts may resolve the problem by adding tissue to the area and strengthening tooth support.

Periodontal disease can be dealt with. We just need to work hand in hand to keep your smile healthy. If you’d like to learn more about laser periodontal therapy or life after periodontal disease, please get in touch with our Seattle dentist.

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Dr. Kim Okamura

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