Pregnancy affects every part of your body. While taking great care of your teeth while pregnant may not seem like a priority, it's vital that you give your teeth and gums special treatment to avoid dental problems. Healthy teeth, disease-free gums, and proper tooth-friendly nutrition will help build your baby's strong teeth and bones, and ensure a smoother delivery. Surprised by the strong pregnancy and oral care connection? Read on to learn why it exists, and bone up on a few specific practices to embrace during this special time.

Oral Hygiene & Diet During Your Pregnancy

Gingivitis during pregnancy is an incredibly common occurrence (in fact, about half of all pregnant woman experience it). The hormonal increase that takes place leads to exaggerated tissue reactions to plaque and bacteria, causing the gums to swell and become tender. Gum inflammation isn't a serious problem if it's dealt with in its early stages. But if it's allowed to progress, it can lead to full-blown gum disease - and more significant issues that affect you and your baby. Soothe your gums and prevent disease by engaging in preventive care:

  • Visit your dentist regularly. It's likely that you'll need to visit more frequently while pregnant, so that we may monitor your gums for signs of infection. Dr. Okamura will talk to you about how often you should visit during your pregnancy.
  • Floss thoroughly. Flossing is a wonderful defense against plaque at the gum line. If your gums are very sensitive, we'll help you find soft floss or a waterpik that you feel comfortable using.
  • Eat right. Diet during pregnancy can be a stressful thing (so many recommendations and things to remember!). Keep nutrients like calcium, phosporous, protein, and vitamins A, C, and D in mind (and in your diet) to see strong teeth and bones - for both you and your baby.

  • Snack wisely. While you may be battling cravings, it's important that you clean your teeth after eating and avoid overly sugary snacks. Rinse with water whenever brushing isn't possible.

  • Poor oral hygiene and increased consumption of cavity-causing foods/drinks

Dental Resources for Your Pregnancy

Get in touch with our Seattle practice with any questions. We hope to guide you through your pregnancy while keeping your smile healthy and happy!

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