There are concerns about the safety of standard x-rays. But x-raying is an indispensable part of diagnosing and treating disease. How can we keep our patients' best interests at heart without compromising our evaluation of their health? Digital x-rays are one tool that allow us to do so. These diagnostic tools offer even clearer, easier-to-read results than traditional x-rays without the same potential harm.

Why Are X-Rays Important?

X-rays are our primary diagnostic tool in determining oral disease. There's only so much visible to the naked eye, and subtle signs of oncoming problems won't be noticeable without x-ray imaging. The problem with x-rays has long been the amount of radiation patients are exposed to during the process. Digital x-rays address this as just one of their aims, and go on to improve many other aspects of x-raying.

Why Dr. Okamura Uses Digital X-Rays

  • Lowered radiation - Digital x-rays require less patient exposure to radiation. This allows patients to have x-rays taken more frequently, offers patients long-term health benefits, and takes some stress out of the diagnostic process.

  • Immediate availability - Traditional x-rays need to be developed before the images are available. Digital x-rays are immediately available to Dr. Okamura, streamlining your treatment planning.

  • Lack of a physical file - Standard x-rays must be stored physically, adding to office paperwork and consuming resources. Digital files are more securely stored and do not take up space or film.
  • Easy sharing and enhancement - Digital x-rays are more accessible to both patients and other dental professionals who may be involved in complex treatment cases. We can easily enhance areas of the x-rays to illustrate points of treatment to patients, and this simplifies the planning process. We're also able to digitally send images for referrals and insurance claims.

Ready for your first digital x-ray experience? You'll appreciate the improved dentist-patient communication and the simplified treatment planning, and your body will appreciate the lowered radiation. Contact us at (206) 362-3200 to learn more!

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