We're on a whitening kick! As summer finally begins in earnest in Seattle, we're all in the mood to look our best while frolicking in the sunshine. To follow up last week's post about reasons to whiten, our Seattle dentist is offering a few practical tips to keep your whitened teeth bright for years to come. By taking pains to preserve your whitened teeth, you will enjoy all the benefits of a nicely bright smile without needing another whitening appointment anytime soon. And while we love seeing our patients, we also love providing them with the tools they need to take care of their teeth on their own.

Keeping Whitened Teeth Bright

  • Avoid dark liquids. Dark liquids, sauces, and foods will stain your enamel. Particles from the liquids enter tiny holes in your tooth surfaces and remain there. The biggest offenders include red wine, grape juice, cola, coffee, and tomato sauces. We understand that those things can all be delicious, so if you must imbibe, we suggest that you…

  • Use a straw! When you’re drinking something dark or acidic, use a straw to prevent the liquid from touching your tooth surfaces. Also try to…

  • Rinse with water after eating or drinking. This not only removes food particles and bacteria from your teeth, it cuts down on stains.

  • Try whitening touch-ups at home. Our Seattle dentist will advise you as to the right products. We will also provide you with a custom-made whitening tray so that you may whiten in comfort.

  • Use whitening toothpaste. There are a number of good whitening toothpastes available; give us a call to ask for our current recommendation. Just remember not to use whitening toothpaste exclusively or for too long.

  • Practice great oral hygiene. We know it’s what your dentist always tells you, but it can have a huge effect on the whiteness of your teeth. Plus, healthy teeth and gums just look great!

If you're in need of teeth whitening, give our Seattle dentist a call or schedule an appointment online. Your smile will be ready for summer in no time!

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Dr. Kim Okamura

I'm Dr. Kim Okamura and this blog is a product of my love of dentistry. I dedicate it to all the patients I have served so that they may better understand my craft. The information here will give you and others the power to maintain and protect one of your most priceless gifts ... your SMILE.