Once we decide to make changes to our facial skin, things can get pretty complicated. Whether we turn to topical treatments or more invasive procedures, there are so many decisions to be made. Botox aims to remove some of this complication. A single Botox treatment in Seattle will affect your facial lines in predictable, temporary ways. Botox offers the positives of plastic surgery without the invasion or the impossibility of turning back. In more ways than one, Botox is ideal for those unhappy with their brow lines but wary of the scalpel.

How Botox Works

The medication halts nerve commands from reaching receptors on targeted muscles. These muscles are responsible for minute movements on your face, and also for causing a variety of facial lines. When you furrow your forehead, lift your brow, or clench your eyes, lines form along the lines where your skin folds against itself. Botox will not only ease these lines, it will prevent new ones from forming. Your muscles will remain relaxed so that your skin may heal.

The Botox Procedure

Seattle Botox is administered in injections, with a certain number of units used depending on the depth of your facial lines and the desired results. A single treatment may be completed within one hour, allowing you to return to your day without delay.

Although you will feel a slight pinch at the injection, you will not feel uncomfortable after treatment. In the few days after receiving Botox, you will begin to notice results. Within a few weeks, your face will be fresher and your skin relaxed. The Botox won’t affect the way you emote or show facial expressions; it will simply relieve those troubling lines.

Don’t let your stress show on your face. Seattle Botox treatment will smooth worry lines without causing you worry throughout the process. Contact us to learn more.

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