Fed up with canker sores? We are, too. They're impossible to predict, and even tougher to ignore. When there's an incredibly uncomfortable sore in your mouth, it becomes tough to get through the day. Although these aphthous ulcers might seem small, they make a big impact on life as usual. And if you have a problem with recurring canker sores, then we're here to help out.

Our Seattle general dentist can help treat ongoing sores with gentle laser therapy. Our soft tissue laser clears up canker sores quickly and comfortably. While it may be impossible to quit canker sores entirely, we can assist you in making them a less prevalent and frustrating part of your life.

Causes of Canker Sores

Canker sores (aka aphthous ulcers) are still surprisingly mysterious. Medical experts have found it tough to pinpoint definitive causes of these sores. Some of the suspected reasons for recurring sores include

  • Genetics
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Tobacco use
  • Allergies
  • Some diseases and disorders
  • Stress or changing emotions
  • Hormone fluctuation

...and you can see how intangible some of those are. But while causes of canker sores are difficult to identify, the pain that they cause is very real. Sores can prevent you from speaking normally, smiling and laughing, and eating comfortably. If you're fed up with sores, it's time to explore potential home prevention, and find treatment with Dr. Okamura.

Home Canker Sore Prevention

  • Check on your vitamin intake - Sores in the mouth can be a product of a vitamin deficiency. Some studies suggest that B12 is especially helpful in preventing these sores, but it's good to take a daily multivitamin and ensure your regular diet is well-rounded.

  • Watch out for acidic foods and drinks - When you're struggling with a canker sore, acidic liquids and foods can aggravate the problem and cause further pain. Be sure to avoid citrus juices and fruits during an outbreak.
  • Try a canker sore gel - Unsure which soothing product to try? Give our office a call and we'll recommend a product that will be right for your sore. These topical gels contain a mild anesthetic (typically Benzocaine). They lessen your discomfort while also covering the sore to protect the area.
  • Choose gentle oral hygiene products - One of your current products might be irritating your mouth. If you have an ongoing problem with aphthous ulcers, you might benefit from a specially formulated toothpaste ideal for canker sores. These pastes are typically sodium lauryl sulfate-free. Let us know if you'd like a toothpaste recommendation.

  • Get the problematic area checked out in the office - If sores are emerging in one area of your mouth, there might be a larger problem. Chipped dental work or a jagged tooth might be abrading the delicate skin adjacent to that tooth. Dr. Okamura will examine the area and solve the issue, which can often be minor (such as a tooth needing to be smoothed slightly). Once the underlying physical problem is resolved, then sores will stop emerging in the area.

Break Free from Aphthous Ulcers

As we mentioned earlier, it can be near-impossible to stop sores entirely. But addressing the potential causes can help lessen the frequency at which you experience sores and discomfort. If you're struggling to deal with a particularly persistent, painful aphthous ulcer, a quick laser treatment will help heal the wound and seal off the area.

Laser dentistry makes common procedures more comfortable for patients, and simpler for the dental staff to complete. If you haven't experienced it for yourself, resolving an ulcer could be a great first appointment. Just get in touch to schedule and learn more.

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