One of the most common treatments we as dentists do for our patients is to identify and fill cavities. Since even the smallest amount of decay can threaten an entire tooth, finding and filling cavities is the key to preventing future problems. That's why dentists spend time taking yearly x-rays and completing a visual exam every time you have an annual check-up. However, many people don't realize that these methods of decay detection are only 50% to 75% successful.

Here’s the problem: Cavities often hide inside and under the tiny crevices inside and under the chewing surfaces of your teeth and the probe head can’t penetrate these tiny, pin-size holes. For these reasons, a new FDA-Approved laser device was invented called the Diagnodent.

This laser scanner will often find cavities up to 5 or even 10 years before they would have otherwise been found. Using microdental techniques, the decay can then be removed, often without the need for getting numb when the cavities are tiny and very easy to fix. Early detection means less chance of cracked teeth, future crowns, root canals and other major treatment

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