Invisalign will make a significant difference to your life. But while a straighter smile is the reason you're undergoing treatment, the process itself can be just as rewarding. Finding the right Invisalign provider is the first step toward fulfilling straightening. Before you get started with adult orthodontics, take the following considerations into account when choosing your provider. You deserve someone who puts you at ease, communicates openly, and helps you achieve Invisalign success.

If you're ever hoping to find answers to Invisalign-related questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Whether you choose treatment with our practice or not, we're here to help!

Provider Experience

  • Check out results of past Invisalign cases - It's ideal to choose a provider with plenty of successful Invisalign cases under their belt. You can peruse dentists' Smile Galleries to see concrete examples of what they've accomplished for past patients. Remember that Invisalign can achieve a wide variety of changes, ranging from closing gaps to reducing crowding to improving an overbite or underbite.

  • Ask about the provider's Invisalign status - Invisalign ranks their providers based on the number and complexity of cases they have successfully completed. Dr. Okamura has now been declared a Premier/Preferred Provider for seven years in a row; she has also been recognized as a member of the top 5% of Invisalign practitioners in North America.

  • Talk to other Invisalign patients - Whether those patients have received treatment from the same provider, or have just undergone the full Invisalign experience, learning their thoughts and impressions will help you get a read on your own feelings about treatment. You can view our Patient Testimonials to get a better feel for the kind of care we provide, or check out a couple previews below -

“At age 59, I am a Invisalign patient. Since beginning the Invisalign treatment, I have noticed two things: the restoration of my facial appearance to its original state, and my smile. I LOVE my smile. I am at the halfway point in my treatment and I don’t regret one day of having made the decision to visit Dr. Okamura.” — Ora M.

“The atmosphere in the office is so calm and relaxing – I almost look forward to my check-ups! Dr. Okamura recommended Invisalign and I’m really pleased with the results. I can count on her and her team to keep my smile looking great.” — Karen K.

Office Atmosphere

Throughout your time in Invisalign, you'll be visiting your provider's office. Make sure that those appointments leave you feeling satisfied and comfortable. The practice facilities should be soothing, and the staff warm and welcoming. If you visit an office and find that it's not to your liking, you have no commitment to continue to return. Do a little more research, and wait until you've found someone you love to see once a month.

Patient-Dentist Communication

You need to be able to share your thoughts, concerns, and goals with your Invisalign provider. But if you're not comfortable with that provider, you're going to be far less likely to speak up. Patients already struggling with dental anxiety find it difficult to open up with new dentists. We do everything possible to put you at ease in the office, and will let you know exactly what to expect from Invisalign before you get started. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises, and you're totally prepared for the process.

Are You Ready for Invisalign?

If you don't love your teeth, they're holding you back. Choosing Invisalign will allow you to unleash your perfect smile on the world, and benefit from the heightened confidence that follows. Feel like Invisalign might be the right fit for your life, and your teeth? Contact us to schedule a consultation, and learn whether your occlusion fits the Invisalign bill.

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Dr. Kim Okamura

I'm Dr. Kim Okamura and this blog is a product of my love of dentistry. I dedicate it to all the patients I have served so that they may better understand my craft. The information here will give you and others the power to maintain and protect one of your most priceless gifts ... your SMILE.