Teeth whitening is easily the most popular cosmetic dental treatment, and it’s easy to see why. Patients are able to spend just an hour in the office and leave with a more beautiful smile. And the ramifications of whiter teeth change how others see you, how you feel about yourself, and even how you perform professionally. So what’s holding you back?

If you’ve been considering whitening, you owe it to yourself to learn a little more. We’ve put together a handy infographic that answers some of our most-asked whitening questions. It’s time to unleash the full power of your smile - and we can help. Get fast, effective whitening in just a single appointment. All you need to do is get in touch!

Infographic: Most-Asked Teeth Whitening Questions


What You Need to Know Before Whitening

...Is that your teeth are unique. What works for a friend or family member might not be the best whitening option for you. That’s one reason why we recommend that patients meet with their dentist before starting any whitening regimen, even a home kit. Be sure to only use whitening products that have the ADA seal.

Also, let Dr. Okamura know if you’re experiencing sensitivity or other issues while whitening. We’ll recommend a fluoride toothpaste or an in-office fluoride treatment to help strengthen your enamel. Then, you’ll be able to whiten without twinges.

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