Seattle Teeth Whitening Procedures

Seattle Teeth Whitening Procedures

Sometimes extensive changes aren’t necessary to make your smile light up the room. That level of impressive smile can be gained within just one hour at our office. Professional teeth whitening allows for a safe, speedy cosmetic treatment that has you return to your day with a brighter smile. Simply schedule a single appointment to see remarkable results and to learn about more of our dental services.

Dr. Okamura’s Teeth Whitening Brands & Methods

Dr. Okamura offers several whitening brands and methods to cater to every type of patient.

KoR Whitening

Whitening hasn’t always been right for every patient. It’s especially difficult for patients with sensitive teeth, who have to struggle through twinges and stings in order to see whiter teeth. The KoR system combines professional attention with home wear to provide a perfect combination of effective results and patient comfort.

We’ll meet with you in our office to take impressions and make custom whitening trays for your teeth. Once the trays are ready, you’ll take them home with the KoR hydrogen peroxide solution. You’ll then wear these while sleeping, with the gel showing final results after two weeks. The specialized trays will not allow saliva to enter the whitening area, nor the gel to escape. The enamel’s porous surface will be stimulated so that oxygen is absorbed, dissolving staining compounds.

KoR’s results have incredible longevity, and will provide you with a brighter smile for many years to come. With periodical touch-ups, you’ll see permanently whiter teeth.

GLO Science Professional

GLO Science is another groundbreaking whitening system with amazing results. Possible both in office and at home, GLO uses a heated mouthpiece to expose teeth to 360 degree whitening. With a gingival barrier to protect gums and prevent sensitivity, GLO takes only several 8-minute sessions in order to show whiter teeth.

The GLO mouthpiece also comes in a take-home version, so that you can whiten on your own time. Maintain your new statement-making smile with regular touch-ups, and you’ll see teeth that lend you greater confidence and pride.