A phobia is a fear that isn't totally based in rational thought. True reasons for anxiety or fear can snowball into something as huge and difficult to tackle as a phobia. Past negative experiences, a fear of vulnerability, and common misconceptions about dental treatments can combine to create pretty significant dread. But your next dental appointment doesn't need to terrify. Our Seattle team hopes that we'll be able to change the way you view dental treatment, and we will do so with communication, proper anesthesia, and dental sedation.

Seattle Dental Sedation

Anesthesia and sedation accomplish two very different (but vital) tasks. Dental anesthesia is administered at the treatment site, in the form of an injection. This injection is commonly accompanied by a topical anesthetic, to numb even the pinch of the shot. Once this medication has been administered, that area will be numb and treatment will commence. Anesthesia blocks nerve signals to prevent you from feeling any pain, and it is available to every patient receiving potentially uncomfortable dental work.

While dental sedation is also available to every one of our patients, it's not always necessary. Sedation is for patients feeling especially anxious, who would like to calm their nerves. The forms of sedation offered at Dr. Kim Okamura's include:

  • Oral sedation - This medication is taken orally, in pill form. We'll prescribe it to you prior to your appointment, so that you can take it before arriving for your procedure. Once the medication has kicked in, we will begin your treatment. You will feel entirely relaxed during your time in the dental chair.

  • Increased cavities
  • Nitrous oxide - Nitrous, also known as laughing gas, is inhaled for the duration of your treatment. It makes patients feel happy and calm, and unconcerned with receiving dental treatment.

The Sedation Dentistry Process

Patients receiving dental sedation will need someone to drive them to and from their appointments. If you think you'd like sedation for your next procedure, get in touch with our Seattle practice and we'll discuss the steps.

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