While we’re all susceptible to the effects of bacteria and acids on our teeth, some are at a higher risk than others. Patients with certain genetic predispositions, weak enamel, crowded teeth, or other dental issues will find themselves actively fighting decay throughout their lives. We understand how frustrating it is to put forth your best oral hygiene efforts for years, only to find new cavities present at each dental appointment. In order to help make your next appointment cavity-free, Dr. Kim Okamura offers comprehensive cavity prevention products. With CariFree’s dental hygiene kits, you’ll have all the tools you could need to fight decay at home and find your teeth sound in the office.

CariFree Cavity Prevention Products

Oral hygiene can feel a little overwhelming – you’re on your own at home, with a wild number of dental care products on the market, and you’re not sure how to proceed for the sake of your own teeth. We will evaluate your level of oral health and tendency to develop decay, then recommend the products and practices that will be best for your teeth. CariFree products offer unique benefits that aren’t found in many contemporary dental products, including:

  • Fluoride – A mineral that rebuilds enamel to strengthen the external layer of a tooth and guard against bacteria.

  • Xylitol – A natural alcohol that fights bacteria to reduce instances of decay.

  • Balance of oral pH – Oral acidity will wear away enamel. CariFree’s CTx products balance oral pH to protect teeth.
  • Lack of unnecessary additives – CTx products address your oral needs without supplying you with harmful chemicals.
  • Low abrasion levels – The products will not prove overly abrasive to your teeth as some toothpastes can, preserving your enamel.

Simple Prevention of Tooth Decay

The CTx products have brought relief for many of our patients struggling with ever-appearing cavities. Make your oral hygiene count by ensuring your dental products are the right ones for you. To learn more, please contact our office so that we may determine the type of products your teeth deserve.

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Dr. Kim Okamura

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