As time passes and technology advances, different dental techniques and dental restorations have made impressive strides forward. We’re now able to provide a quality of dental work that is unprecedented, aided by contemporary materials. This is more obvious in some areas of dentistry than others – while patients will appreciate the tooth-colored composite filling (as opposed to its highly visible metal predecessor) used to fill a cavity in a front tooth, they won’t be as aware of the improved performance of the bonding solution holding the filling in place. One area in which dental advances are both clearly seen and felt by our patients is that of dentures. Old-fashioned dentures were uncomfortable to wear, noticeable to others, and often generally dissatisfying. Modern dentures are a whole new experience.

Modern Dentures Seattle

Dentures no longer limit you. You don’t need to make compromises in order to replace missing teeth. With up-to-date materials, fitting techniques, and fabrication methods, dentures are tailor-made to satisfy each patient’s needs. Modern dentures are

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitting
  • Stable
  • Beautiful

Your new dentures will match your natural coloring and feel at home in your mouth. They will function well and aid your daily life, rather than hinder it. Those frustrated with dentures in the past should not give up. Modern dentures will transform your perception of “false teeth.”

If you’d like to enhance your dentures’ performance even further, we recommend exploring the possibility of dental implants to support your replacement teeth.

Seattle Dentures with Dental Implants

Dental implants fuse with bone in your jaw to create firmly anchored replacement tooth roots. These will then connect to your dentures to hold them securely against your jaws. If you’re interested in implants, set up a consultation for an oral health and periodontal health evaluation. Long-term, aesthetically superior tooth replacement is within your grasp!

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Dr. Kim Okamura

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