Are you aware of the role your gums play in your grin? While it's true that beautiful, healthy gums support a beautiful, healthy smile, not every patient realizes this. Compromised gums could mean less-than-lovely teeth. But if gingivitis or gum disease has snuck its way into your mouth, never fear: Dr. Kim Okamura and her team are at the ready to offer comprehensive but comfortable periodontal treatment. Those whose gums are ailing deserve the most effective possible treatment to return them to health and comfort posthaste. Laser periodontal treatment allows us to make your time in the dental chair really count.

3 Laser Periodontal Treatment Benefits

Scaling and root planing physically remove plaque and bacteria from your tooth root surfaces, as well as resurface those areas so that plaque will be less likely to cling to them in the future. Adding a soft tissue laser to this routine will enhance results and make your time in the dental chair (and recovering) more pleasant. Dental lasers aid periodontal treatment by

  • Helping reduce periodontal pockets - During gum disease, your gums may pull away from your teeth, forming bacteria- and tartar-filled pockets between the two structures. These can be deep and difficult to access. A periodontal laser will stimulate tissue within the pocket to help regenerate healthy tissue. As new tissue grows, the gums will reattach to your teeth, closing the pocket. This lessens the need for surgical intervention.

  • Minimizing bleeding - The high-energy light beam of the soft tissue laser aids in blood coagulation. Your blood will clot quickly, sealing off the treatment area and reducing the risk of infection. You'll also heal more quickly.

  • Improving patient comfort - Lasers' narrow beams and ease of use make for precise results, with minimal invasion. While you will still require local anesthesia for treatment, it's likely that you will need less to feel comfortable.

Are Your Gums Ailing? Get Periodontal Treatment Today!

If your gums have changed in a significant way in recent weeks, it's a great idea to see your dentist. Contact our Seattle office to schedule an appointment.

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