Playing Your “A” Game


Bill Blatchford’s “Playing Your ‘A’ Game” book provides inspiration, education and motivation for dentist and teams to achieve their dream practice. In it, he shares his own story, as well as the successes and challenges of numerous doctors–including Dr. Okamura. Blatchford recognizes Dr. Okamura as a successful team leader with a confident attitude and good communication skills.

“Clearly, one of Kim’s outstanding qualities is her clarity of vision and her ability to communicate her vision with passion and enthusiasm. She sees the bigger picture, knows where she is going, has specific number goals and, consequently, great team are attracted to the challenge. Dr. Okamura tends to have long-term staff that share her pace, vision and demand excellence of themselves. She is the coach.

As a female professional, we feel she has worked through the leadership challenges. Her team knows this is a business. Dr. Okamura hires staff for strengths and she believes in their abilities. She lets her staff know it is OK to make mistakes. In fact, she encourages them to step out and be uncomfortable. When a task or conversation is not up to par, she communicates with the question, “what did you learn from this?” She expects and receives 200%. She is fiercely loyal to her team and really belives in them.”

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