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smile02“My experience at Dr. Kim Okamura’s office has been an extraordinary one. I researched several other cosmetic dentists when I decided I wanted to have some work done. Other doctors suggested completely changing my smile and giving me a full set of porcelain veneers for that “perfect Hollywood look.” What set Dr. Kim apart is that she really listened to what I needed and suggested only two minor changes that would completely alter the parts of my smile that I didn’t like, yet she kept me looking like me! What a concept! It was exactly what I asked for…nothing less, nothing more, and I truly valued her professional opinion and incredible artistic talent.

It wasn’t just Dr. Kim’s work that made the experience so wonderful. Her office is like a peaceful retreat, and Dr. Kim’s team, Leslie and Colleen, took such great care of me. I came in during the months prior to my wedding, and everyone in the office would ask me how the planning was going and loved getting the updates. The week before the wedding I was getting one final whitening treatment to use at home. Dr. Kim knew how busy I was, so she actually personally dropped off the kit on my front porch so I would have it in time! I couldn’t believe it! But that’s Dr. Kim – committed to her patients and committed to her practice. She is effervescent, brilliant, kind, and extremely talented. I’m so glad I chose her to help me with my smile and my continued dental care.”

— Julia S., Dr. Okamura Fan (left)


smile04“It’s plain and simple, Dr. Okamura fixed my smile. Instead of hiding my smile and having to explain the bicycle accident from when I was a kid, now I don’t even think about it and just enjoy myself.  If I see an old picture of myself I wonder why I waited so long.”

—Nate J., Dr. Okamura Fan





smile05“Dr. Okamura is the first Dentist I’ve actually looked forward to going to see! Dr. Okamura’s work is outstanding, combined with a staff that takes care of you above and beyond any other providers, it makes my decision on which dentist to use very easy. Thanks for a Great Smile!”

— Rick M.,
Dr. Okamura Fan (left)




JoettaI wanted to let you know how much your caring and kindness these past few days has meant to me. I was nervous going into this whole thing. You guys made me feel so comfortable and special and totally surpassed any expectations I had. I knew I was right in trusting you 100%”

— Joetta, Dr. Okamura Fan


PeggyDr. Kim Okamura has given me a great smile and I no longer feel self-conscious. I highly recommend Dr. Okamura to anyone who is considering smile enhancement or regular dental care. Her office is very caring, conscientious and understanding when it comes to the concerns and well being of her clients.”

— Peggy, Dr. Okamura Fan

From start to finish, Dr Kim Okamura and her team are exceptional in their dental care. I have been with Dr Kim Okamura since starting grad school at the uw. Dr Kim Okamura was able to break thru my years of fear of dental work by listening calmly and clearly explaining to me what was happening to my teeth and my options for dental work. She continues to patiently and calmly address my fears and my mother’s dental fears too.

— Jill B. Seattle, WA
March 19, 2014

I think that I first starting seeing Kim Okamura in 1999 or 2000 due to a recommendation from a friend that I trusted. I liked my experience with her very much. Upon our initial appointment, we put together a plan for what I needed and what I wanted to happen with my smile. We prioritized together and I appreciated that. Shortly after I moved to Hawaii for a few years. There I had to see another dentist to keep up with my 6 month teeth cleaning regiment. To make a long story short, this dentist told me I had many small cavities that needed to be taken care of right away. This was confusing to me since Dr. Okamura had just told me very differently. I went along with my first appointment of filling cavities in one quadrant of the mouth. The filling was terrible and painful for days and my bite was now off. In the end the botched job caused me to go home to Seattle, see Kim and have help me get a root canal to fix everything. I am grateful that she has always been informative, caring and what I most like about Kim is that she LOVES her job and it shows in how she talks to her patients and how she continues her training. I now live in Portland and continue to make the 3+ hour drive to see her every 6 months for my cleaning and maintenance if that says anything about what I think of her. I continue to pay forward the recommendations to her as I was sent to her.

— Nicole S.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr Okamura for several years now. The office is a boutique style and feels intimate like your about to receive individualized care, which is exactly what you get. Dr. Okamura actually sat down and talked with me instead of jumping from patient to patient. I have always felt as though she has my best interest in mind. Lastly, I have recently had an Invisalign consult and I am excited about the prospect of straighter teeth. Thanks to the team at Dr. Okamura’s office for their patient first approach!

— Korey K. Wenatchee, WA

I chose Dr. Okamura to replace 8 veneers that were over 15 years old, after interviewing/consulting with 4 other cosmetic dentists. She was the only dentist who truly listened to what was important to me, and her warm personality and obvious enjoyment of her job sold me on her office. All of her staff also clearly love working with her and you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of boss they are. I had put off the replacements due to a terrible anxiety over going to the dentist. Dr. Okamura was very reassuring that she could help with the anxiety (conscious sedation!) and we came up with a plan together. Many things went wrong along the way-accidental bright yellow temporaries after eating yellow curry, temporaries falling out before big holiday parties (for those of you who don’t know–you have to wear temporary caps for about 2-3 weeks before your permanent veneers are installed), and Dr. Okamura always responded immediately, fixed the problem after hours and never, ever made me feel like I was an inconvenience. In fact, going into her office was pretty fun–with constant laughter and good humor. I absolutely loved my smile at the end of the process–the new veneers she designed were a much better shape and fit than my old ones, and the color was perfect!

Unfortunately, 3 months after my new veneers were completed, a small chip appeared at the top of my front tooth. We are still unsure how this happened, but Dr. Okamura is going to replace this tooth at no additional cost to me and she did so happily and willingly, even though I did sign a bunch of forms not holding her liable to any future chips, cracks etc–these are teeth people! They get worn out by all our use, accidents, etc. I think it would be ridiculous to expect her to replace veneers for free after 5 years! I truly believe she just wants her patients to feel at ease, and be happy with their smiles. I think she would go to great lengths to reach these goals.

And the upside to all this time spent in her office this year is that my dental anxiety is completely gone! I think I will replace the front tooth without conscious sedation and/or gas, but with the trust that my dentist cares, understands my fears and will make me laugh throughout the process. Oh, and most importantly, my smile will look amazing as the end result.

— Stephanie C. Seattle, WA

I am simply pleased to have found Dr. Okamura and her team (especially Leslie)! You will not find a more customer focused dentist office. Dr. Okamura’s chair side manner is simply above the fray. She takes time to get to know you and does whatever she can to make you feel comfortable. No rushing, and completely accommodating.

When you say, “I don’t want anything to hurt”, she hears you! If you want good service, great dental work without pain, check her out!

— J J. Seattle, WA

This office is GREAT with people anxious about the dentist.

I went in first for my cleaning and Invisalign consult to scope the place out. Really super friendly staff and Dr Okamura is one of the most caring people I have met. Lesley at the front desk is superb and a great communicator. Susan and Colleen are sweethearts and you feel like they really know what they are doing.

I told the staff about my husbands’ anxieties about the dentist. Dr Okamura wanted to work with him through it. Unlike the prior dentist that we had tried – Dr Stark in the Medical and Dental Building – she really seemed to *get* it from the start. She had us come in for an office visit to take a look around and sit in a “non threatening” office chair to talk about what worried him. She dug down to the root cause of his anxiety and offered several solutions as to how we could get around it.

On the day of his cleaning the staff were prepared about the situation – again, not like Dr Starks office – and were all on the same page. They had blocked out the whole morning for us. Dr Okamura was personally involved in his case and continuously checked up on us throughout the cleaning. They were sensitive to his needs and his concerns.

I just don’t know if I would have ever gotten hubby to the dentist again if it hadn’t been for Dr Okamura. When you go to this office do not hesitate to tell her what is going on. She is an understanding individual who does not believe that the dentist should hurt. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

— From Yelp Amy P. Seattle, WA

“Thank you, Dr. Okamura, for transforming my smile into one I have always wanted. Also, you and your staff’s customer service was incredible and you all made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!”

— Jill, Dr. Okamura fan

“Environmentalists snarl when I smile.  They think the electrified shine coming from my mouth is drawing 200 Mega Watts from the city’s power grid.  They just don’t know that it is an eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, and solar powered glow made possible by Dr. Okamura and her team.  My new smile feels all natural like oat bran and sturdy enough to do serious damage at an apple orchard.”

— Baltazar, Dr. Okamura fan
February 22, 2014

Having experienced dental trauma with a bicycling accident as a child I have spent a good deal of time with several dentists over the years.  It wasn’t until I began my treatment with Dr. Okamura and her amazing team that I realized I had found that magic combination of caring, skill and true artistry.  Kim, Colleen and Lesley are the very best! Thanks for making me smile!

— Mark B., Dr. Okamura Fan