The old adage goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Though it may sound cliché, that saying really does ring true. Every cent you spend wisely on useful home care supplies, such as floss, toothbrushes, and dentifrices (toothpastes) can save you many dollars on preventable dental treatments.

Spending your money on dental care aids can be tricky, though. There are so many different products on the dental care aisle that it can be a challenge to wade through the sea of choices. We are offering you a little guide to how spend your ‘dental aisle dollar’.

1. Buy a good power toothbrush. They really are worth the hype. Hundreds of scientific studies and our own clinical observations over the years support their usefulness. We recommend the Sonicare® by Philips Corporation. Their product is reliable, it is easy to find replacement bristles for the brushes, and in the unlikely event you were to have any troubles with the brush, their customer service department is top-notch. We each use them daily at home, and we carry them in office for sale at the best savings you’ll see anywhere. We have four options for most any budget.

2. Invest in a good dentifrice. Picking a dentifrice that has low abrasivity and anti-cavity properties is essential in preventing decay and keeping up the health of your mouth and any fillings or crowns in it. For those who are more prone to gum disease than decay, or if you have trouble with toothpaste irritating the tissue inside your mouth, CloSYS® toothpaste is our favorite. Check our blog archive for a past entry listing some great toothpaste options.

3. Pick the right floss. If your teeth have many fillings and/or crowns, likely you will need an easy-sliding type floss, such as Crest Glide. If you have few or no restorations, use a floss that is woven, such as Oral-B UltraFloss®, which will remove the most plaque possible.

If you have issues with gum disease, or if you have difficulty flossing daily, it would be wise also to invest in a good mouthwash, such as CloSYS II®, and an inter-dental irrigator. Many may have heard of the WaterPik® device, which is one option. However, a clinically superior option is the HydroFloss® irrigator.

Another superior irrigator device, which just hit the market, is the Philips AirFloss™. MSRP is $89.99. It uses a puff of air mixed with a little water or mouthwash to spray the plaque from between the teeth. It is a great option for those of you who are looking for a better level of dental health. We carry the HydroFloss® and soon we will carry the AirFloss™in our office for your convenience.

It’s clear there are lots of options on the market for home dental care products. Although no two mouths’ needs are the same, we hope this guide is useful to you for in spending your dental dollars wisely.

Dr. Kim Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Okamura

I'm Dr. Kim Okamura and this blog is a product of my love of dentistry. I dedicate it to all the patients I have served so that they may better understand my craft. The information here will give you and others the power to maintain and protect one of your most priceless gifts ... your SMILE.