Appearances aren’t everything – the old adage is true. But when the way we look impacts the way we behave, things get a lot more complicated. Your confidence stems from many different aspects of who you are and how you navigate daily life, but a certain amount is directly related to the way you look. And your smile is always front and center.

If you’re not proud of your teeth, you’ll do anything to hide them (without even realizing it). This leads to you covering up your smiles and your laughter. When those around you notice that you don’t smile or laugh comfortably, they’ll draw snap judgements, and even label you unfriendly or awkward. In our adult lives, every realm benefits from good impressions – social, professional, and personal. And if you’ve been trying to meet new people or get ahead at work, taking a look at your smile might be the best first step.

Keep reading to learn more about how smile power impacts your daily interactions, and schedule a consultation to learn more about what cosmetic treatment might accomplish for your own teeth. Dr. Okamura will meet with you, discuss what you’re hoping to gain from treatment, recommend options that will suit your needs, and help you take first steps toward your perfect smile.

How We Judge Each Other – Based on Our Teeth

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we’re all judging one another, on a pretty much constant basis. And with teeth being one of the first things adults notice about someone new, they’re playing a big role in those impressions. We’re hard-wired to label certain aesthetic dental flaws as tied to different signifiers of personality. This means that your teeth might be telling others that you’re older than you really are, taking poor care of yourself, weak, or otherwise less-than. And this just isn’t fair, to you or to the person who’s losing out on your true value.

Instead of being controlled by these outward signs, we can choose to make a difference. Your teeth can be whitened, rebuilt, straightened, replaced, or undergo any other transformation that would best suit you – and in our modern era, your treatment can be comfortable and even pleasant to receive.

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What You Gain From A Smile You Love

  • Confidence – This is a driving force in every human’s life. If you want to be perceived positively, be able to go after what you want, and be the best possible version of yourself, then you need to be confident in your capabilities. With gorgeous teeth, you’ll be ready for anything.
  • Improved work performance – At work, you need to be able to speak up, engage with issues and discussions, and impress those around you. Once you possess a proud smile, you’ll be able to take charge in ways you might not have thought possible. There’s no more hiding – only self-assuredness.
  • More fulfilling social life – You want people to see you in a great light, and your smile communicates a lot. When you’re headed into every interaction giving off a great impression, people respond to that. You may find yourself more eager to talk to new people, and making new acquaintances more easily.
  • Fulfillment – This might seem like a pretty significant claim to make about something as (seemingly) minor as teeth, but they play a larger role in your life than you realize. When your smile is healthy, beautiful, and functional, you’re able to approach no end of situations with heightened comfort and ease. Life is short, and it’s worth spending with a grin that makes you feel good.
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I'm Dr. Kim Okamura and this blog is a product of my love of dentistry. I dedicate it to all the patients I have served so that they may better understand my craft. The information here will give you and others the power to maintain and protect one of your most priceless gifts ... your SMILE.