Cosmetic dentistry has gained significant name recognition in the last decade. But many patients still aren’t aware of just what constitutes cosmetic dentistry, or of the specific changes it can make to your smile. Our Seattle dentist explains what your cosmetic dental procedure could be like with this week’s guide to smile changes.

Cosmetic dental procedures alter your smile in a visually appealing but still functionally sound way. Cosmetic dentists typically find their patients requesting whiter, straighter, more symmetrical, or more substantial teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry

While it’s likely you already have a basic understanding of what “cosmetic dentistry” entails, “aesthetic dentistry” is a newer term to which patients have had minor exposure. Aesthetic dentistry is a concept born of our ever-advancing modern technologies and techniques. It refers to cosmetic changes made to a smile, done in a way so as to appear completely natural and actually be subtle. Your smile will still be transformed, but it will still be uniquely yours. It will retain the personality that makes it an individual’s smile, rather than looking like a cookie-cutter grin. Our Seattle dentist practices aesthetic dentistry to create fresh smiles that still look wholly natural. We use “cosmetic dentistry” as a term in this article and on our website due to the wider understanding associated with it. Know that no matter your dental treatment, it will result in a gorgeous, organic smile.

Smile Changes with our Seattle Cosmetic Dentist

Just what is possible with cosmetic dental procedures? We’ve listed below common changes possible with cosmetic procedures, and the treatments that make those changes a reality.

  • Straighter teeth – It’s common to be born with slightly or more severely crooked teeth. If you don’t receive orthodontic treatment as a child, it’s still possible to straighten and enjoy your daily activities without limits. Invisalign makes subtle orthodontic treatment possible for adults. The clear plastic trays will quietly and invisibly shift your teeth without inhibiting your life.

  • Whiter teeth – Whether you have significant tooth discoloration or are just hoping for an overall whitening, hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening will quickly brighten your smile.

  • Longer teeth – Short front teeth shouldn’t keep you from showing off your smile. Porcelain veneers can lengthen your teeth and change tooth shape for a perfect new smile.

  • Larger teeth – A tooth damaged by decay or an accident doesn’t need to diminish your smile. Porcelain crowns will augment your tooth’s structure and rebuild its strength.

  • A more symmetrical smile – There are often small imperfections that keep a smile from experiencing its full potential. Cosmetic dental bonding can accomplish minor adjustments and will blend totally with your natural teeth.

  • Replacement for a missing tooth – Missing teeth affect our lives in countless ways. With dental implants, you needn’t spend another day concerned with that gap.

Curious about other cosmetic dental procedures? Contact our Seattle dentist to learn more about what could be right for your smile. And try out our Build a Smile tool to visualize what your cosmetic changes could be like! We look forward to hearing from you.

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