The cold and flu season is upon us!!!  I have noticed an uptick in the number of patients having irritated throats, a bit more sniffling and congestion. Other health care providers in our practice have also shared that they are seeing the effects of cold and flu about this time of the year.  Check out this link, it shows a visual of where the cold and flu is more prevalent.

Oh....and one other simple item that may help keep the sniffles away: purchase a separate travel size tube of toothpaste to be used by the ill person.  This will prevent spreading germs to other toothbrushes, and always discard your toothbrush once your health returns   so that those nasty little bugs don’t keep wreaking havoc!

Continual good health to each of you

Kim Okamura DDS

Dr. Kim Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Okamura

I'm Dr. Kim Okamura and this blog is a product of my love of dentistry. I dedicate it to all the patients I have served so that they may better understand my craft. The information here will give you and others the power to maintain and protect one of your most priceless gifts ... your SMILE.