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The Link Between Oral Health And Whole Body Health

A cavity or a case of gingivitis impacts more than just your mouth. There’s an undeniable link between your oral health and the state of your entire body.

Oral Health & Pregnancy | Care For You and Your Baby

Pregnancy affects every part of your body. While taking great care of your teeth while pregnant may not seem like a priority,

4 Reasons to Get Excited About Porcelain Dental Restorations

Dr. Kim Okamura and her team have high standards for the cosmetic treatments they provide. We’re not happy with anything less than totally natural work.

Financing Your Dental Work

Your teeth don’t always act the way you’d like them to. For example, dental problems can seem to creep up at times when they’re particularly inconvenient.

Dental Lasers Make a Difference

As dental treatment evolves, your experiences in the dental chair change. Improved tools, techniques, and materials make for more and more positive appointments and treatment results.

Choosing The Right Toothpaste

Making the right decisions about your dental products can help you get motivated in your oral hygiene efforts.

In-Office Dental Wellness Plans

Trying to navigate dental insurance? We want patients visiting our office to feel great about their coverage and comfortable pursuing dental treatment.

Botox for Myofascial Pain

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re now familiar with the temporomandibular joint and the pain that can result from TMJ disorders.

Natural Dental Restorations

Just what does the term “natural dental restorations” mean? In order to answer that question, we need to engage in a conversation about cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry.

Your Ideal Oral Hygiene Regimen

While our Seattle dentist does her best to care for your teeth, you only have a dental exam twice a year. The bulk of your dental care is really performed…