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Putting Tooth Decay on the Decline

When was the last time you finished a dental exam and were declared cavity-free? It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re clear of disease. It puts a spring in…

Gum Disease Research & Findings Increase Oral Health Concerns

Because gum disease is such a sinister problem, it’s constantly on the dental world’s mind. And ongoing research is uncovering new connections that make periodontal disease even more frightening.

Simple Tweaks to Make Your Diet Tooth-Healthy

We can always stand for a little self-improvement. Our diets aren’t always put under scrutiny, and sometimes it’s wise to check in with yourself.

Smile Power: The Role Your Teeth Play in Relationships

What’s the top advice for job interviews, meeting new people, and improving your daily life alike? It’s pretty simple: break into a big smile.

Oral Cancer Screening Protects Your Health

April is oral cancer awareness month. Do you know exactly what’s going on inside your mouth?

Mercury-Free Smiles with Dr. Kim Okamura

Your dental work should never compromise the health or appearance of your smile. Isn’t that the opposite of what you want from treatment?

A Positive Patient Experience with Dr. Kim Okamura

How does our world view dental care? Pop culture hasn’t exactly given dentists the best reputation.

Unexpected Benefits of A Beautiful Smile

A smile accomplishes much more than you think. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of dental investment, your smile is telling the world about you every day.

The Tooth-Friendliest Nutrients

While nutrition is most important during tooth formation, it remains a quintessential part of your oral health.
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Digital X-Rays Keep Patients Safe

There are concerns about the safety of standard x-rays. But x-raying is an indispensable part of diagnosing and treating disease.