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How to Quit Canker Sores

Fed up with canker sores? We are, too. They’re impossible to predict, and even tougher to ignore.
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Make Today Tooth-Friendly

Last week, we talked about finding a way to stay cavity-free in 2015. It’s easy to talk about big goals, but harder to work out the specifics that will make…

Make 2015 Cavity-Free (It’s Simpler Than You Think!)

You’re tired of hearing that you’ve got a cavity. And none of us like telling you that your smile is hiding disease, either.

Lifelong Healthy Teeth: Possibility or Myth?

There’s very little that lasts a lifetime (unless you’re the recipient of some endless contest winnings). This is especially distressing when it comes to our appearances, and our bodies in…

Do You Need Antibiotics Before Dental Treatment? Time To Check In With Your Doctor

Antibiotic prophylaxis may sound stressful, but it’s actually a practice that keeps your body safe and sound.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Actually Boost Confidence?

While you may not realize it, your teeth are always talking – and they’re doing it all on their own.

What’s Lurking in Your Toothpaste?

Do you know what’s hiding in your toothpaste? We don’t mean to scare you, but it’s important to take a second look at the products you’re using.

Freedom from the Dental Insurance Headache

Dental insurance happens to all of us – for better or for worse. We all have ongoing dental needs, and insurance helps us afford the kind of long-term care that…

Healthy Teeth are Gorgeous Teeth

Looking for a little extra inspiration to motivate your oral hygiene habits?

Vanquish Dental Anxiety – For Good

Do your knees start to tremble whenever you think about the dentist’s office? Have you ever put off a routine exam because you couldn’t bring yourself to get into the…