Treatment of chronic pain can be incredibly difficult. Often, the reason the pain is ongoing is because it is difficult to pin down. The source of chronic pain can be hard to determine, and once it is uncovered, near impossible to stop. Fortunately, there’s one type of persistent pain that has become simpler to treat.

Chronic discomfort stemming from contracting muscles affects every part of your daily life. It’s hard to push on bravely when mundane activities cause you pain, even if that pain is minor. We have enough daily stressors; you deserve to be able to get through a day without feeling uncomfortable. Botox may have the answer.

Botox Treatment For Muscle Pain

In order to understand how Botox relieves pain stemming from muscle spasms, it’s important to be aware of exactly what Botox does. The protein that makes up Botox is injected into target muscles. Once present in those muscles, Botox prevents them from receiving commands sent by your nerves. Without reception of those nerve commands, the muscles will not contract.

While Botox is most famously used to relax facial muscles, thereby smoothing wrinkled skin, it is equally adept at taming muscles throughout the body. Certain muscles spasm or contract uncontrollably, without any intent on the individual’s part. These muscles become overworked and fatigued, and emit pain as the contractions continue. It’s often impossible for us to stop these muscles on their own; we have no authority over their contractions. Botox stops these muscles from contracting without needing any effort on your part. The result is welcome pain relief.

Types of Pain Treatable with Botox

Dr. Kim Okamura has experienced great success in the use of Botox for

  • TMJ pain – The jaw joint is susceptible to disorders, as it consists of delicate components. When these components don’t function properly, pain can result. They often become damaged due to chronic grinding and clenching, which takes place primarily while the patient is sleeping. Botox at the jaw joint will allow your jaw to relax and prevent it from contracting at night.

  • Myofascial pain– This type of pain can be caused by muscles throughout your body, but it manifests in your shoulders and neck. Botox at trigger points will help prevent this pain from recurring.

Ready to make a big change with a minor treatment? Botox could do wonders for your condition. Get in touch with our office to discuss treatment with our Seattle staff.

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