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Life After Laser Periodontal Treatment

Do you suspect your gums are ailing (red, bleeding, inflamed, or receding), or have you experienced periodontal disease in the past?

Botox for Myofascial Pain

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re now familiar with the temporomandibular joint and the pain that can result from TMJ disorders.

Dental Contouring Creates A Fresh Smile

Does your smile make you feel so good that you show it easily and often? That’s our goal for each of our patients, and we hope to help every individual…

5 Ways Invisalign Impacts Your Life

You’ve probably heard something about Invisalign, the series of subtle aligner trays that straighten your teeth without broadcasting orthodontic treatment.

Tips on Maintaining A Whiter Smile

We’re on a whitening kick! As summer finally begins in earnest in Seattle, we’re all in the mood to look our best while frolicking in the sunshine.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

The answer to the question in our post's title may seem pretty simple. "Uh... for whiter teeth?" And whiter teeth are the most obvious benefit of teeth whitening, but far…

Natural Dental Restorations

Just what does the term “natural dental restorations” mean? In order to answer that question, we need to engage in a conversation about cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry.

Your Ideal Oral Hygiene Regimen

While our Seattle dentist does her best to care for your teeth, you only have a dental exam twice a year. The bulk of your dental care is really performed…