You’ve probably heard something about Invisalign, the series of subtle aligner trays that straighten your teeth without broadcasting orthodontic treatment. While it’s obvious that Invisalign creates a straighter, aesthetically pleasing smile, the treatment’s benefits range above and beyond the cosmetic. This week, our Seattle dentist (an Invisalign preferred provider for seven years running!) offers a few advantages of Invisalign that you may not suspect before beginning treatment. If you’ve considered straightening your teeth but held back because metal braces won’t cut it, we urge you to think about all Invisalign has to offer.

Ways Invisalign Will Affect Your Life

Yes, your final smile post-Invisalign will be beautifully straight, but there are other personal changes that will happen along the way. Check out a few unexpected things Invisalign offers:

  • Quiet orthodontic treatment that no one else knows about. So this is technically a way in which Invisalign does not impact your life, but what other orthodontic treatment can say that it won’t be noticeable or limit you during treatment? Your Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic and fit snugly against your teeth – they won’t be visible to most people, and they won’t force you to change your diet or oral hygiene habits.

  • Motivation to cut down on snacking. While Invisalign makes no demands as to the foods you eat, it does require you to brush and floss after eating, before placing your trays back over your teeth. Many patients find this helps them cut down on unnecessary snacking throughout the day, and even lose a few pounds.

  • Heightened self-confidence. With a straight smile, you’ll feel wonderful about your smile and be eager to show it off. All that positivity and great self-image lead to overall heightened self-confidence.

  • Improved professional life. Your straightening results will begin to show before Invisalign treatment ends, allowing you to revel in your new teeth within the first 3-4 months. A willingness to talk, smile, and laugh without covering your teeth or feeling self-conscious will aid your professional (and social) life and allow you to come across as a sociable and confident individual.

  • More comfortable bite and chewing capabilities. While Invisalign improves the aesthetics of your smile, it also realigns teeth to make your bite more correct and more comfortable.

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